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Kamil, the founder of Diesel Resource, is obsessed with diesel trucks. As he would say, if you want to learn more about him go take a look at his truck. His engrossment in the industry inspired him to create his own diesel brand, focused on providing the latest diesel insights to like-minded diesel enthusiasts. We started with the nuts and bolts and eventually got to the turbo!


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Brand Standards

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We custom crafted a digital experience that instantly elevated Diesel Resource above it’s competitors from a UX/UI perspective. From design to performance, every detail was considered and it shows in the end product.


We worked side by side with the founding team to bring their vision of an authentic gritty diesel brand to life. A brand that they would follow in a heartbeat themselves as diesel enthusiasts. From the typography to the color palette to the small design elements, the key to building their solid foundation was a well-crafted brand standards guide.

From there we expanded to the website project, which features an innovative Diesel Truck Gallery, Diesel Blog, and newsletter subscription call to actions. It serves as the hub for the brand and its terrific customer traction and appeal has excited other large brands and companies in the industry to partner with Diesel Resource. To provide further connection points with their followers, we have also custom designed an apparel line that will be rolled out in the near future.

With a digital presence head and shoulders above their competition, Diesel Resource is making noise in a lucrative and booming industry. The sky’s the limit for this talented team that we are continuously collaborating with on new growth, revenue, and customer value-driven initiatives!


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